Senator insists Senate should tell Nigerians the truth

President Muhammadu Buhari delivering the 2016 budget at the National Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria December 22, 2015.

Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe has asked the leadership of the Senate to come out and tell Nigerians the truth about the alleged missing 2016 budget.

Leadership Newspapers reports that Senator Abaribe cut the Senate President, Bukola Saraki short while he speaking, and said “The matter that I refer to is what is in every newspaper today and everywhere in all the talkshows in the radio of a missing budget. Therefore Mr President, I want to bring to you attention and all my colleagues that yesterday in our closed session, this matter also came up.”

Adding that “Some of us who are worried have been inundated by messages from our constituents who are really worried about what their fate will be in 2016, and are asking us, where is our budget? That is why Mr President, I think it is definite and it is urgent that we look into this matter.”

In his response, Saraki said the matter was being looked into by a committee,.

He also said that though it was not up for discussion, he was going to comment on it.

His words:  “Because of the importance of this, I will make an exception. You know we are all part of the decision at the close session yesterday and part of that decision we are still waiting for those we have referred to carry out the assignment to come back to us.

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“I think they will come back to us by tomorrow. I think they will come back to us by tomorrow and we will go into a closed session and finish up the report and we will be able to debate it properly.”

President Buhari presented the 2016 budget to the National Assembly on Tuesday, December 22, 2016.