3 Simple Ways to Combat the Aging Process

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By Lynn Allison, Newsmax Health

We’re in the middle of a giant chemistry experiment in the Western world that’s wreaking havoc with our hormones, poisoning our bodies, and causing an epidemic of obesity that’s accelerating diseases.

That’s the conclusion of expert Cheryl Myers, R.N., a noted author and lecturer who believes in bridging the gap between the worlds of mainstream and integrative medicine to offset the ravages of aging.

Myers explains that there are certain parts of the world called Blue Zones where people live longer and healthier. These include Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; and the island of Icaria in Greece.

“Recent science has debunked the notion that aging is inevitable and not within our control,” she tells Newsmax. “In fact, nutritional elements can stimulate systems in the body that slow the aging process and restore more youthful functionality.”

“But if you can’t move to these prime locations where pollution is minimal and people eat real, minimally processed foods, you should tap into these three crucial pathways to slow down the aging process,” she says.

Those include:

  • Neutralize free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative stress, damage DNA, and cause cellular mutations that lead to cancer and premature aging. Other diseases associated with free radical activity include heart failure, diabetes, dementia, and asthma.
  • Stop inflammation. High levels of inflammation lead to premature aging and death. A report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that doubling the amount of inflammatory compounds was associated with a 29% increase in heart failure. “Keeping inflammation in check isn’t a luxury — it’s critical,” says Myers.
  • Increase detoxification. As the liver ages, it considerably loses its ability to detoxify the body. Age alone isn’t the problem, says Myers. “OTC drugs like acetaminophen can create astounding damage to the liver,” she says. “This, in turn, affects the liver’s ability to metabolize helpful nutrients that recycle beneficial antioxidants, and rid the body of spent hormones, environmental toxins and other harmful substances.”

A healthy diet and physical activity are your first line of defense in addressing these three pathways, but adding certain nutrients to your daily regimen can provide even more anti-aging benefits. Here are three supplements Myers recommends:

  • This super supplement enhances detoxification, neutralizes toxins, and stops free radical damage to DNA. Our bodies naturally make glutathione but that production tends to drop with age, often by as much as 50%. Because glutathione can be damaged as it travels through the digestive system, supplements should be given directly in the mouth, under the tongue, to ensure maximum absorption. Sublingual glutathione at 300 milligrams daily is an ideal dosage.
  • There’s a reason that this compound from the turmeric plant is getting rave reviews from healthcare advocates. It stops joint pain, shields brain cells from oxidative damage, and reduces inflammation as effectively as many drugs. Curcumin also boosts and protects the body’s glutathione levels and blocks free radicals associated with aging. Daily intake of a 750-milligram complex supplement that contains 500 milligrams of curcuminoids keeps your mind and body healthy.
  • Grape seed extract. A natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, grape seed extract reduces dangerous free radicals, inhibits inflammation more effectively than steroid drugs, and protects against glutathione depletion in brain and liver tissue. Take 400 milligrams of French grape seed extract that’s tannin-free and rich in beneficial compounds called OPCs.

“Instead of searching for the Fountain of Youth, try these supplements to revitalize and detoxify your body,” says Myers.




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